Something To Tell

"Ash?" Dawn knocked on her sister's door around eleven-thirty the next day. "Can I come in?" No answer. She carefully opened the door and peered inside and was shocked when she found out her sister was still asleep. "Wow," she whispered, "Thats unusual. Normally she's up around nine...I wonder.." She noticed Ashley stirring and carefully shut the door. I'll talk to her later, Dawn thought.

As soon as she got back to her room the phone rang. "Jeez," she muttered, picking up the phone, "Hello?"

"HEY! How's it going, hon?"

"Oh...Hey Jamie. Not much," Dawn replied, disappointed that it wasn't Zac.

"Oh. That's good. How's your sister? Does she miss me?" he laughed.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "I don't know. She hasn't talked to me since yesterday, before she went out with you.... Oh yeah.... I have a question for you."

Jamie was silent. "Okay. Ask away."

Dawn took a deep breath. "Jamie, she came home crying last night. Do you know what happened to her? Did anything happen when you were together?"

Jamies nerves tightened. "Um, no. She was acting kinda weird when she was with me. I was gonna ask you the same thing...Oh man I have a killer headache."

Dawn nodded thoughtfully. "Okay. Thanks. Maybe it was something with Taylor or something. Sorry. I'm just worried." She heard her call waitng click. "Oh, there's my other line."

Jamie shrugged. "It's ok. Well, I gotta go.....Can you tell Ash to call me?"

"Sure. Well, see ya. Bye." She clicked over to the other line. "Hello?"

"What took you so long to answer? I was starting to think you found someone else!"

Dawn laughed. "Sorry, Zac. It was Ash's friend, Jamie. He called me and asked about Ashley. He said she was acting weird last night, too."

Zac fiddled with the phone cord. " she okay? And wait a his friend that David?"

"Yup. It's David. I don't know if she's ok. She's still sleeping and she didn't tell me anything last night. But I got one of those pains...that me and her share."

Zac nodded. "Yeah I know...but maybe your body missed me and that's why it hurt..."


"I'm sorry! Sheesh. Don't tie your bra in a knot...I mean that literally...even though I don't mind..."

"Argh. You're pathetic."

"I know, baby, I know. Anyways, do you want to go out later? Say the movies?" Zac replied.

Dawn glanced at her calander. "Sure. Why not?" A thought crossed her mind. "Would it be okay if we invited Ashley and Tay? Maybe he can figure her out?"

Zac swallowed his disappointment. "Sure...I guess. It's up to you."

Dawn laughed at the sound of his voice. "Aww..they don't have to come."

Zac sensed her worries and shook it off. "It's okay. We don't have to sit with them."

"Okay." She heard Ashley's door open. "Ash is up. Can I call you back?"

"Sure. Just make sure you don't forget. Because I love you."

"I love you too, Zaccy. I will. Bye." She hung up and started after her sister.

"Hey Ash?" Dawn asked catiously, peeking her head into the bathroom to where her sister was washing her face. She was releaved that she looked a lot better then the night before.

Ashley looked up and smiled. "Hey, twin. How's it going?" She glanced at her reflection. "Oh boy. Ick. I look horrible."

Dawn laughed. "Well, dear, you just woke up...and it's after 12." She glanced at her worridely. "Were you okay last night?"

Ashleys face grew serious. "Yeah, just hormones. Ya know," she said softly, running her fingers through her hair.

Dawn wasn't convinced. "Uh huh. Okay....Anyways, do you and Tay want to go to the movies with me and Zac tonight sometime?"

"Okay. Does Tay know?" She asked quickly. Maybe he would make her feel better.

Dawn gave her a weird look. "I guess. Zac asked me like ten minutes ago on the phone."

Ashley nodded, ushering her sister out of the bathroom. "Okay, okay, okay. I gotta take a shower now though."

Dawn was about to reply when she noticed something on her sisters arm and gasped. "What happened? You have bruises all over!"

Ashley turned red, thinking fast. "I..played hockey yesterday and got banged around a lot. No biggie," she shrugged, then pushed her sister out and shut the door. Oh God.

"Okay! We'll park here!" Dawn said, aggravated. She pulled into the parking spot, turned the car off, then glared at Zac, who was laughing his butt off right beside her.

"Took you long enough to find a parking spot! Jeez, women these days!" Taylor said from the backseat, his arm around Ashley. He smiled at her and only got a half smile in return.

"Well, I would have found one if the backseat driver next to me wasn't telling me where to park!"

Zac kept a straight face. "Honey, since when do you listen to me?"

Dawn rolled her eyes and got out of the car and they started to advance towards the entrance.

"Hey remember when we first came to the movies....back in the day..for the first time?" Zac asked, grinning as they stood in line.

Dawn gave him a look. "Uh huh, I remember that whole ordeal a little too well, right Ash?"

Taylor smiled. "That was the night I gave her the promise ring," he said, looking meaninfully at Ashley, who sorta blushed and looked away. Taylor gave Dawn a confused look, who shrugged.

"Yup. And that night was a night to remember too," Zac said, wrapping his arms around Dawns waist.

"Oh boy, Zac," Ashley said, rolling her eyes. "Looks like he's looking for another one of those nights."

Dawn laughed. She was glad to see her sister was having fun. Ashley had been moping around the house all day, laying in bed watching TV, and that ginually worried Dawn.

Ashley gave her sister a reasurring glance.

They bought the tickets, food and entered the movie theather.

"You wanna sit here?" Zac asked, guestering toward the end of the back row.

Dawn rolled her eyes and poked him but followed him over anyway.

Taylor glanced over at Ashley, who seemed oblivious to what was going on. "How about here?" Taylor said, pointing to the the second to the back row on the opposite side of Dawn and Zac.

"Okay," she repleid quietly. She knew Taylor was worried about her, but she couldn't help the way she was feeling.

They got settled and during the opening credits Taylor put his arm around her shoulders. He could feel that she got tense and removed it. "Are you okay?" he whispered. "You seemed surprised that I did that."

Ashley nodded, scanning her brain for something to say. "Yeah. It's just that a lot has been happening lately," she whispered back. "I'll tell you later."

Taylor nodded and they continued to watch the movie. About fifteen minutes into it he decided he was bored. He leaned over and kissed Ashley softly on the cheek. "This is one bore-ass movie," he whispered, lightly playing with the ends of her hair. He kissed her neck.

Ashley tensed. What's wrong with me? She thought. Usually I'm relaxed when he kisses me!

Taylor didn't seem to notice this time and gently deepened his kisses, slipping his tongue deep in her mouth.

Ashley pushed him away and looked into his eyes.

He looked confused and even a little hurt.

Oh Lord, help me. I'm hurting him and I don't know why. Why did Jamie try and pull that? Memories started coming back about the night before and tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Oh My God. Taylor thought. What happened? Did I do something wrong? He began to panic. "Ash, You're not okay," he whispered. He got to his feet and gentely pulled her up. "C'mon. We need to talk."

Ashley nodded, and wiped the tears from her face.

Taylor glanced over at Dawn and Zac as they passed them, but decided not to bother them since they seemed "busy". He glanced at Ashley worriedly as he walked her outside. He sat her down on the sidewalk and gave her a pointed glance. "Ash, tell me what's wrong. I know something is up and you need to tell me."

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