Question 1: How old are you two?
Answer: Jennifer will be 16 on November 18th. Marie is 15

Question 2: Have you ever experianced any of the stuff you wrote about?
Answer: Besides from Dawn and Ashley being drunk in the first story, no we have not.

Question 3: Are you two related?
Answer: As far as we know, no. But we're as close as sisters.

Question 4: Who is your favorite Hanson and have you ever met them?
Answer: Jennifer's favorite Hanson is Taylor and Marie's is Zac. But besides from seeing them live in concert, we have never met them.

Question 5: OK, now u said the only thing u done in the story is drink, have u ever fooled around with a guy? u didnt say u did that, and becuz of your ages, i had 2 ask
Answer:, that's personal. Well, uh, it depends on your deffination of fooling around. In some cases, I guess you could say yes. But our personal lives are ours and what we do reflects on us. So that's a personal question so I think we'll keep this to us. No offense.

Question 6: Where are you guys from?
Answer: Marie is Pennsylvania, and Jennifer is from Georgia

Question 7: Is the reason Zac wants to "DO IT" because he has hormones? i have to say if i were Dawn or Ashley it would be hard to say no to Zac or Tay. Or Ike for that matter. Oh, congrats to Ike and Michelle!!! (LOL)
Answer: We believe Zac is a little too young to have sex. And since he is your typical teenage boy, of course he's going to be interested and trying things out, but he's too young. That's why we held out on Taylor and Ashley. Tay(18) is quite a bit older than Ashley(16), but we felt that it was time for them to take their relationship to the next level. Oh, and Isaac and Michelle thank you =) (*not really, we don't know Hanson, we're just being cute.*)

Question 8: What is the point to this story? I mean most stories have fables weaved into them or proverbs. All I can depict is four horney teenagers (not that isn't fine). Is there a deeper meaning?
Answer: Ouch. I don't know how to take this one, as just a normal question, or a diss. Yes, there is a deeper meaning than just 4 teenagers having unbalanced hormonal problems. Taylor and Ashley, and Dawn and Zac have been together for three years, and they're typical teenagers. Kids of today take on too much these days, sex, drugs, pregnancies, violence. If you stop to think about it, the lives of these 4 kids are based on todays youth. The point of this story is, the kids love each other and want to be together and want to experiance things with eachother that they haven't experianced before. It's just the life of your everyday teenager.

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