Home Again

It was around ten o'clock at night when the Hanson's finally pulled into their driveway. "My, its good to be back here," Mrs. Hanson said softly, staring out the window at the house. She turned to her husband. "Hon, wake the boys up. They've been so tired lately and haven't had a break....I'm surprised the little ones are still up."

Mr. Hanson nodded as he turned around and gently shook Taylor. "Tay? Tay, wake up. We're home."

Taylor slowly opened his eyes and yawned. He glanced around and noticed a sleeping Mackie on his lap. The other kids were running around the yard, much to his surprise. "Wow. We're back? Its good to be home again...." He smiled wistfully. "And Ashley. God, I haven't seen for more then an hour at a time since we moved three years ago." He was interrupted by a loud snore. He turned around and knocked Zac's hat off with his hand, trying to wake him.

"Yo, why did you do that for?" Zac said, his voice filled with sleep. He cleared his throat. "You know that pisses me off...." His voice trailed off. "We're home?" A huge smile spread over his face. "Finally! I've missed it here...and the people....Oh yeah." He wiggled his eyebrows. "I'll be back." He moved over a sleeping Isaac and walked down to the pay-phone.

Isaac jumped. "Huh? Wha- Where's Animal going?" he asked Taylor. He yawned.

Taylor shrugged. "Probably calling Dawn. He said the minute we pulled in the driveway he's calling her."

Isaac rolled his eyes. "After three years he's still devoted to that girl...Hey!" he exclaimed as Taylor swung for him and missed. " I know you are, too, but sheesh. He's not eighteen like you. He's only fifteen, remember?"

Taylor laughed. "Excuses, excuses. C'mon, lets go in." They started pulling their bags out and walking up the driveway as Zac came walking up the driveway. "So?" Taylor asked him.

Zac glanced at him before pulling his bags out. "They weren't home. Their mom said that they were out with friends."

"Oh." Taylor said. "Oh well. Well, we'll see them tomorrow."

Zac nodded. "Yeah, I can't wait," he said, half yawning, half smiling.

"Arrghhh," Ashley mumbled, rolling over in her bed to get the phone. "Hello?" she asked sleepily. Whoevers calling at nine in the morning better have a good excuse for calling,* she thought.

"Hey baby."

Ashley's eyes lit up. "Tay? Oh my God. I haven't talked to you for three weeks! How are you?" She propped herself up on her elbow.

Taylor laughed. "If this is the reaction I get from calling, imagine how happy you'll be when I come over later. Actually, me and Zac. And I'm sorry for calling. We were so busy with the move and everything..."

Ashley's mouth dropped open. "Wait a sec. You're home?"

"Yup. We're back in Tulsa for good," Taylor replied.

"Hold on a sec. DAWNNNNN!" Ashley yelled. "DAWN-IE!"

Dawn appeared at the door a few seconds later, clearly looking like she had just woke up. "What the hell do you want?" she asked grumpily. "Do you know that you woke me up at nine in the morning?"

Ashley grinned.

"Hello? Thanks for shattering my eardrums baby," Taylor said, laughing.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I had to wake up my loony sister. Remember her?" Ashley asked.

"Ah, yes. Young Zac's playmate."

Ashley laughed.

"Who are you talking to?" Dawn asked, sitting on her sisters bed.

Ashley grinned. "Tay-lor. Guess who's home?"

Dawns eyes widened. "Zac? Ooooh, let me talk!!!" She went into the hallway and picked up the extension. "Hello?"

"Yo twin number two. Sup in da hood?" Taylor asked her.

"Haha. Tay, tell Zac to call me on my line. Like, now."

"Sheesh. Okay, okay, okay." Dawn laughed and hung up.

"Sooooo how are you? What time do you want me to come over?" Taylor asked.

"Hmmmm.....eleven? That should give me enough time to get ready."

"Okay. Yup, that's fine. Well, I gotta go jump in the shower before my bratty brothers do. Bye honey. I love you," Taylor said.

"Love you, too, babes. Bye," Ashley said, hanging up the phone. She felt a pang of guilt but decided to ignore it.

"Hello?" Dawn asked, picking up on the first ring.

"Dawn? Wow. You sound excited. I guess you missed me and my bod, huh?" Zac replied, grinning.

"Oh yeah. You and your oh so strong arms. But seriously, what have I missed? Boy, I've missed everything. I mean, you're fifteen now!" Dawn replied.

"Well, I'm a big man. Five foot eight inches. Oh yeah, how tall did you get so I know how far I have to lean over to kiss you?"

"Haha. I'm like five-five or five-six. We already hit our second growth spurt. But anyways, can you come over? Please?"

"Okay...hold on....Ok Tay said he coming over at eleven. Sound cool? Hey, I have something to tell you though. I've missed you a lot," Zac said softly.

"Aww. I've missed you a hell of a lot too. Um, I gotta go. I have to get dressed and everything..." Dawn replied.

"Okay. Love ya honey bunches of oats."

Dawn smiled. "Love ya too surfer boy. Buh bye." She placed the receiver down and stared at the picture of two people in front of her on her dresser. Oh boy.

"I'll get it!" Ashley yelled. "Dawn! They're here!" She opened the door and gasped. "Oh my..." she whispered, a smile forming on her lips.

Taylor laughed. "Like what you see?" He leaned over and wrapped her in a quick hug.

Ashley laughed. "Yup. Boy, both of you have grown! Gosh..."

Zac smiled. "Well, it comes with the territory, man....Where's Dawn? Wait, is that her? Oh, Daw-nie!" He pushed through the door and went in to greet her.

Ashley and Taylor stared at each other. "Its been so long," Taylor said softly.

Ashley nodded and threw her arms around him.

He lifted her up so her legs were wrapped around his waist and starting kissing her passionately.

Ashley pulled away and stared into his blue eyes. Pools of water.... Oh my God I've missed him so much..

As if reading her mind Taylor nodded and began kissing her again.

"Tay..... My mom is in the kitchen..." Ashley whispered, trying to control her breathing.

Taylor put her down and held her hands. "Ooops. Want to come over? My family missed you. And then we can go into the tree house," he said, smiling. He kissed her forehead.

Ashley nodded. "Okay. Mom! I'm going over Taylor's!"

Mrs. Smith appeared in the doorway. "Okay, dear. Taylor? My, you've grown!" She smiled. "Where's Dawn? And Zac? I want to see what he looks like...in person." She laughed.

Taylor grinned. "Probably 'catching up' in Dawns room. You know how Zac is."

They laughed. "Okay, have fun!" Mrs. Smith called. Taylor and Ashley started to advance down the street. Taylor grabbed her hand and held it. Boy, its good to be back, he thought.

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